The Catalyst Report – Residential Aged Care presents the consumer’s voice – younger and older, male and female on how RAC decisions are made and what’s important.

Research topics

  •  Triggers and motivations that drive consideration
  • Age Care Reform
  • Shopping behaviour
  • Information sources and trusted advisors
  • Rejectors – insight into why people reject RAC
  • Evaluation criteria
  • The dining experience – food is a key driver of satisfaction
  • Most attractive additional services and willingness to pay
  • Preferred payment method for accommodation and additional services
  • Satisfaction ratings and industry NPS
  • Satisfaction drivers
  • Industry improvement suggestions
  • Choice modelling – what are the most desirable options 
  • Brand awareness by state
Research Methodology

Research methodology

  • Industry consultation to finalise topics
  • Online survey during November 2022
  • Over 5,574 responses – a mix of
    • Involved (residents and family)
    • Shoppers
    • Rejectors

What does The Catalyst Report offer?


Online dashboard with  graphical/tabular summaries, qualitative insights and advanced choice modelling 



Comparisons by sex, age, financial comfort, group and segments


Findings, implications and recommendations


Personal presentation available

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